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Fort Worth, TX, has numerous job opportunities for Certified Phlebotomy Technicians. These healthcare professionals are a vital part of patient care. They obtain blood samples from patients to perform various types of analysis.

List of Phlebotomy Training Schools in Fort Worth

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Requirements and Eligibility

61Some states set their regulations for phlebotomy certification. Texas, however, recognizes certification from nationally respected organizations including:

• American Medical Technologists
• National Center for Competency Testing
• American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification

In Fort Worth, being a Certified Phlebotomy Technician will increase the probability of being hired, and will bring a higher salary.

There are three levels of education that an aspiring phlebotomist can choose from:

• Certificate level
• Associate’s level
• Bachelor’s level

The training and certification for this career consist of classroom study, hands-on experience, and passing the certification exam. Training schools have different course completion time frames that range from six to twenty-four months.

A high school diploma or a GED is a requirement for enrollment in a program, and each school may have additional prerequisites for admission.

Phlebotomists without certification may become certified through the American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians by fulfilling these qualifications:

• Current membership in this organization
• One year as a part-time phlebotomist or,
• At least six months as a full-time phlebotomist or,
• Documentation from a health care supervisor regarding the applicant’s job duties and experience
• Successful completion of an accredited phlebotomy training school

Application Process & Costs

Windsor Career Institute located in Southlake, TX, (5 minutes north from DFW Airport) offers phlebotomy education. The curriculum includes 48 hours of classroom instruction, 48 hours of laboratory practice and 200 hours of clinical experience. Currently, the total cost for this program (including fees and supplies) is about $1500.

Prerequisites for this program:

• An official High School or College Transcript
• Must pass a standardized entrance exam
• Proof of all required immunizations, and a negative TB skin test within the past year
• Pass a drug screen

The CCI Training Center in Arlington, TX (part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex), has a dual educational program to train students to become Phlebotomists and Pharmacy Technicians. CCI offers a full-time day schedule that lasts for 33 weeks, and an evening part-time schedule that lasts for 49 weeks. In total, the training consists of 652 class hours, and 120 externship hours. The classroom instruction includes:

• Office Communications
• Computer Fundamentals
• Allied Health Math
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Phlebotomy Theory
• Career Development
• Healthcare Provider CPR (advanced CPR)

Phlebotomy lab and hands-on clinical practice complete the training.

Online Programs

Online Phlebotomy Education offers 24 -hour availability that allows students to study at their convenience. Some of the classroom lecture information includes:

• Phlebotomy Organization
• Skin Puncture Collection (also called finger stick)
• Legal situations in Phlebotomy
• Customer Service

With online classes, the students need to arrange for their hands-on training. Different online programs have different requirements, so it would be advantageous to look into several programs for more details. After passing the program, each student receives a certificate of completion.

Maintaining Certification/License & Renewal

In Texas, each 2-year renewal requires the phlebotomist to submit proof of having completed six CEUs. Students who sit for the NHA exam and pass it are considered to be a Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT). The NHA (National Healthcareer Association) requires 10 CEUs every two-year period to maintain the professional CPT license.

Salary & Job Prospects

The future for phlebotomists is quite favorable because this career is expected to grow 27 percent in the next few years. The typical salary for a certified phlebotomist in Fort Worth, TX is $22,000. And, Fort Worth is hiring now. Possible places of employment include laboratories, doctors offices, and hospitals.

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