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If you’ve ever wanted to work with blood, then becoming a phlebotomist is the job for you. They get to work with blood, and get paid for it.

List of Phlebotomy Training Schools in Raleigh

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Quick Fact
In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma.*
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Requirements and Eligibility

48In Raleigh, you must have a high school diploma or GED to begin training. Once that is procured, you can decide whether you want to become a limited phlebotomy technician, a phlebotomy technician I, or a phlebotomy technician II.

To become a limited phlebotomy technician, you must complete at least 20 hours in a classroom, and do 25 skin punctures. These must be supervised, and can be done on a training arm or a patient.

A phlebotomy technician I must do 40 hours each of classroom training and clinical experience. During the clinical hours, you must do 10 skin punctures and 50 venipunctures under supervision.

Once you have become a certified phlebotomy technician I, you can consider becoming a phlebotomy technician II. You must be a certified technician I, and have at least 1040 hours of clinical experience in the past five years. You must also complete 20 arterial punctures and have a written letter from an approved practitioner that says you have done this.

Application and Costs

Depending on where you go to learn, you may have more costs than others.

You can go to the Care One Health Training Institute. Here you will pay $975 for tuition, books and the registration, as well as an additional $105 for the exam. Classes are held on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9 AM to 2 PM. Evening classes are held on the same days from 5:30 PM to 10 PM. This gives you 160 hours in 10 weeks.

Another place to try is the Carolina Allied Health Training Center. Here you pay $800 for the course and $105 for the national exam. You will cover specialty draws, test tubes, customer service, skin puncture collection and more. There are 12 hours of home study done before the 20 of classroom and hands-on training. These courses are offered each month and last only three days.

Online Programs

One online program is Phlebotomy Services. This service costs $899, and there are two ways that can change. If you register less than three weeks before the classes start, you will incur a $50 late fee. If three or more people register from the same company, $50 is taken off. These three day courses include two online days that must be completed before the in person, third day can be completed. Locations change monthly.

Maintaining and Renewing Your License

To renew your license, you must complete six hours of continuing education classes every two years and pay a renewal fee.

Maintaining it is a little more difficult. You must be annually documented on competency and make sure that your certification is displayed in a visible area on your person or in your office.

Limited phlebotomy tecnicians and phlebotomy technician Is must be reviewed monthly on a supervised skin puncture.

Salary and Jobs

In North Carolina, a certified phlebotomist can earn a median of $31,003 a year. Entry jobs can earn $25,034, while the highest paying jobs give a median of $37,578. Locations, jobs, and employers are all pieces of how much you are paid.

As a phlebotomist, your main job is to draw blood. You must label, store, and draw correctly. You can also run blood drives, and must keep incredible records of the patients, when you drew, etc. However, you will also have to use a gentle hand and deal with angry, scared, or emotional patients.

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