What Are The Barber License Requirements

What Are The Barber License Requirements

Barbers provide hair styling, haircuts and certain beauty services. Despite the increase in beauty salons, cosmetology specialists and beauty services now available, barbers continue to be a popular professional. Here is all the information you need to become a barber from training right through to getting your barber license.

What Type of Training is Required?

You don’t need to earn a degree to become a barber, but you will need to complete a formal training program. These programs, which can be found at technical schools or community colleges, generally can be completed in less than a year. As a student, you’ll take classes that will teach you about sanitizing and maintaining barber tools and instruments; shaving, cutting and styling hair; providing skin and nail treatments, and dealing with customers.

In addition to classes, you’ll complete a supervised internship in a real salon so you can obtain hands-on training. Some barber schools offer barber apprenticeships that combine the classes with paid on-the-job training. These programs are always beneficial but especially so in states that require work experience as a prerequisite for licensure.

How Do I Get My License?

Although certification is not required, all the states require that barbers be licensed. Licensing requirements may vary from state to state. Most states require a high school diploma or equivalent and have a specific age limit for barbers. To be eligible for licensure, the applicant is usually required to complete a formal training program or an approved apprenticeship and pass an examination.

The licensure exam usually consists of a written portion and a practical skills portion where the applicant must perform certain barbering techniques. When all requirements are met, the individual can apply for licensure. Continuing education is required to maintain licensure and is also beneficial so the barber can keep up with new hair care techniques and styles.

What Type of Employment Options & Salary Can I Expect?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that barbers could experience an employment jump of eleven percent between 2012 and 2022. Despite the many hair services and treatments now available, many still prefer a simple trip to the local barbershop. Barbers across the nation earned an annual average salary of $25,010 as of May 2013.

Overall, barber wages ranged from $17,370 to more than $44,000 in 2013. Location, experience and clientele can all affect the barber wages. The state with the highest number of barbers employed is Texas. However, Illinois is the state where barbers earn the highest wages, according to the BLS.

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