Finding Barber Jobs in Your Town

Finding Barber Jobs in Your Town

There are many benefits to becoming a barber. Once you’re licensed and you’ve earned a covenant spot behind a chair, the income potential is unlimited. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a barber, however, is the job market. Every city across the country has at least one barber shop. Finding a job as a barber can be an easy task once you’ve completed all the necessary programs and received your certification.


Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to get a job as a barber in your local barber shop.

If you’ve been going to the same guy for a haircut since you were a kid, he’ll likely be extremely happy that you’re following in his footsteps. Ask him for advice on technique, rates, how to get clients and he might be willing to open up a chair for you.

The least he’d do is offer a recommendation at another barber shop in town. If that doesn’t work for you, asking friends and family members if they know of any available positions in town will also work in your advantage.

Local Newspapers

Check your local newspapers for potential barbershop job openings in your area. This will be especially useful if you live in a smaller town. Newspaper classifieds may even list barbershop jobs for those that are currently taking classes but have not yet graduated. These types of jobs are also useful for first time barbers, and can be a foot in the door for future opportunities.

Many of these job openings will require that you have completed training and may even require proof that you attended classes at your local college. Be prepared to have these and your certification handy during every interview you go to.

Online Classified Websites

The easiest way to finding barber jobs in your town is through online classified websites. These types of websites include Craigslist and Monster, and can be searched using category and area filters.

The best way to find barber jobs in your city is to use all of these methods combined. Go to multiple interviews and choose the barbershop that best fits your personality. You must also consider the fact that many barbershops won’t pay you salary. You will likely work on commission only and may even have to pay rent for your own chair. This amount, however, will only be a small part of your daily profit.

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