What You Should Know About Barber Training

Many people do not realize that for a person to be an official barber they are required to be licensed by the state, after going through barber training. Being a barber is more than simply cutting people’s hair. People tend to take pride in their appearance, and hair is a major part of that. Like women, men spend time keeping up their hair to look and feel more presentable and attractive. But unlike women, men go to the barber, rather than a hairdresser. In some states, a high school diploma is required for a candidate to receive barber certification. Barbershops tend to be about business, relationships, and good customer service. Aside from the high school diploma requirement, in some states it is required for a candidate to be a minimum of 18 years or even 21 years of age to qualify. A potential barber trainee should check their state laws to see what is required and know whether they are prepared for barber classes.

Barber Training Process

Becoming a barber is not a quick and easy affair. Like other forms of cosmetology, barber training requires candidates to take a course that could last up to 20 months. This is an essential part of learning the trade and mastering the tools that are used. Once a student receives certification, they can move on to applying for state licensure. This requirement cannot be overlooked if one wants to get a job as a barber. A barber candidate should have good people skills, reliability, and hand-eye coordination. Going through a nearly 2-year course will make sure the candidate has or develops these qualities and skills. Barber schools are meant to train candidates to not only cut hair but become specialists and good at dealing with customers, who expect to be treated well as they get their hair cut or any other service.

Job Skills

Just as is the case with any other job, a barber needs to gain necessary experience through on-the-job training. Even with 20-month programs and degrees, the barber will only qualify for an entry-level barber position, where they will need to prove their skills and abilities by performing certain tasks and cleaning equipment. This is a necessary aspect of becoming a full-fledged barber, either working for an employer or running their own shop. Apprenticeship is a key part of training and developing to be a barber.

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