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Keep Up With Styles & Trends with Barber Classes Online

Keep Up With Styles & Trends with Barber Classes Online

With the Internet making its presence in every area of our lives, many students are discovering the convenience of earning degrees through distance learning. Online classes and programs are offered in almost every field you can think of. What about barber classes online? Can I become a barber through online education? Get the facts here.

Can I Become a Barber Through Online Classes?

Despite the fact that you may find many online schools offering online barber classes, these classes are generally not sufficient to help you become a licensed barber. One of the requirements of the licensing exam is that candidates must pass a practical exam.

On-campus barber training programs have curricula that include not only classes but hands-on practical lessons as well. Students need the practical lessons to prepare for the certification or licensure examination, which is required in all states.

How Can Online Barber Classes Help Me?

While you may not be able to become a licensed barber through online classes, you can take barber classes online to help you keep up with the latest hair trends, styles and barbering tools and instruments. Keeping up with the latest styles is very important for attracting and keeping clientele.

Online barber classes, when taken concurrently with on-campus barber training, can enhance your hair styling skills and keep you abreast of some of the newest techniques.

Licensed barbers may also find it convenient to take barber classes online to meet continuing education requirements so they may maintain their barber license. Many of the continuing education courses are available through distance learning.

What Type of Online Barber Classes Are Available?

As an aspiring barber or a licensed barber already in business, you may find that online barber classes are not only a refreshing way of learning but also a convenient way of obtaining continuing education credits. Here are some of the barbering classes that may be offered online or as hybrid courses.

  • Laws for Barbering and Cosmetology – This class keeps students aware of licensing laws for barbers, possible penalties and regulations for state inspections. The class is aimed at the state where the college is located.
  • Barber Instruction Course – This class, offered both online and on campus, helps prepare students to become instructors at barber shops or salons. It also includes some business courses necessary when running your own business.
  • Safety and Sanitation – This class teaches students about shop safety, cleanliness and sanitation in the cosmetology and barber business and how to implement these theories with clients.
  • Beauty Industry Business Course – Cosmetologists and barbers who are interested in owning or operating their own business often find this course very beneficial.

Learn How to Become a Barber

Learn How to Become a Barber

For as long as you can remember, the field of hair-cutting has excited you. You’ve wanted to work as a barber, and now, you are about to make that dream come true. Whether you have worked in the field before or this is all new to you, following some tips can help you to accomplish your career goals.

Obtain the Necessary Schooling and Certification

The exact certifications and requirements that you need to meet are going to vary depending upon the state in which you live. Therefore, you should apply for a school program in the state you plan to work in, or you should expect to have to fulfill some additional standards or credits when you switch locations. You have different options when you want to obtain training and certification. For example, some schools offer online programs for these types of situations, and others provide a more traditional learning environment.

Find Some Practical Experience

As you are likely already well-aware, working in this field certainly requires you to have hands-on experience. Therefore, you should start to look for programs at schools that have lab-like sessions or that introduce you to internship possibilities. When it comes to being a barber, actually training in a barbershop or a similar entity is extremely important. Through this type of experience, you will learn exactly how to cut hair, what the common styles are that customers request and how to offer suggestions to individuals as to how they can get the best haircut for their face.

Put Yourself out There

In the event that you had an internship opportunity, whether it was through schools or through other programs, you should see if a job is available for you at that location. In the event that it is not, start advertising your services to people in the local area. Some individuals like to have a barber come to their houses to do the family’s haircuts. Submit your resumes to barbershops in the area. Also, think about places where people who are in-need of a barber would go. For example, many men like to have a nice, good shave and haircut before their wedding days, so consider bringing your business cards to some local wedding reception venues.

Taking the first step to fulfilling your dream career can be a little bit scary at first, but once you get on the road, you’ll find that pursuing the path is easier.

Save Time by Attending Barber School Online

Save Time by Attending Barber School Online

Only a few years ago, barbers-in-training had to attend physical classes on a daily basis to learn their new trade. Barber programs were only available in local community colleges and technical schools throughout the United States. Thanks to innovative technology, a barber school online is now available to aspiring barbers, regardless of their location. Barber degrees are now available to those who attend barber school online and can be completed just as quickly as if the classes were taken at a physical location.

Is Barber School Online Effective?

Barber school online utilizes unique, high definition videos that show precisely how to cut all types of hair. Students are allowed to rewind and play as they wish until they get perfect each technique.

Online barber school also offers an extensive amount of diagrams that are used in conjunction with the videos to assist with technique, when necessary. Each diagram is also useful because it helps with terminology that is important in the workplace.

Online barber school is an effective way to supplement physical barber classes as well. Students can use it as an additional tool to help them practice when not in the classroom.

When are Classes Available Online?

Barber classes are available to students at any time of the day because they are pre-recorded by professionals.

Saving time is one of the greatest benefits of attending barber school online. Students often take these types of classes because they don’t have the time to attend physical classes. Each video can be completed at the student’s own pace, and students are under no pressure when they practice cutting hair.

Online Barber Certification

In many cases, students can also renew their barber certification by taking online classes.

These students normally already have extensive experience as barbers, and use online barber classes as a way to efficiently complete the requirements to complete their state certifications without going to physical classes.

Many of the classes that can be completed online for both new students and returning barbers include safety and sanitation, consumer barber and stylist laws and barber business courses. Hybrid combinations of physical courses and online courses are often used to complete a barber certification because students can complete the non-essential classes on their own.

Barber shop classes online can be an essential part to the learning process. Attend them at your own pace, complete them from the comfort of your own home and save yourself from the hassles of getting to and from your local community college.

So You Want to Be a Barber: How to Get a Barber License

So You Want to Be a Barber: How to Get a Barber License

If you’ve been considering a change in careers, working in a barbershop can be very rewarding, both emotionally and financially. Before you can get your hands on a pair of scissors and razor in your local shop, you must get a license first. Use this step-by-step guide to help get you started towards your career as a professional barber:

Go To Class

The first step to becoming a certified barber is to attend barber school. This can be done at your local college, technical school or in a hybrid format. You must complete at least 1,500 hours of class before you can graduate with a license. Your local community college will likely offer some type of barber classes, so contacting them first would be your best bet. Make sure to ask about costs associated with taking classes, what types of programs they have and how often you have to attend class.

Take the Test

The state you live in will most likely require you to take a test to become a certified barber.

These certification tests will include a variety of subjects, including various laws, sanitation issues, ethics and more. During the test, you will also be asked to demonstrate your skills. Make sure you have studied up on all the subjects and spent extensive time behind the chair before sitting for the licensing examination.

Pay the Fees and Fill out The Application

Once you have passed your state’s licensing examinations, you can pay the fees and submit your application to receive a barber’s license. The fees vary by state, but could be in the hundreds of dollars.

Once your application has been approved and you’ve paid the necessary fees, you’ll receive a paper license and photo identification card that you must hang in your place of business. It’s important to remember that this is not the last time you have to go through this process. Barber licenses might have to be renewed on an annual basis or more, depending on your state of residence.

A career as a barber can be very rewarding. The process of become a licensed barber will likely take a year to complete because the large amount of classroom hours that must be completed prior to applying for a license. For specifics on what is needed to get your barber license, contact your state’s Department of Labor, or simply ask your local barbershop owner!