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Top Graphic Design Schools in Atlanta, GA

grapic design image1Atlanta has 6 accredited schools that offer degrees in this field. Schools like Savannah College of Art and Design offer classes on their Atlanta campus too. The Art Institute of Atlanta offers an A.A. and B.F.A. in Graphic Web Design as well as a B.F.A. in Illustration. The Georgia Institute of Technology also offers degrees in this field. Finding accredited schools in Atlanta in this field is not difficult as there are many to choose from.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Atlanta

Graphic Design Certification in Atlanta, GA

Though students do not need to take a certification test to work in this field after they have graduated school, some schools offer certificates in graphic design for students who already hold a degree in another field. Some schools include the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Atlanta campus and Emory University. Certificates in this field are perfect for students who already have a degree in a related field and do not want to spend a lot of money to obtain another bachelor’s degree. Certificates have varying programs, but students can expect approximately 65 hours of in-class time for basic certificates and up to 55 hours of in-class time for advanced certificates.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Atlanta, GA

The average designer in Atlanta makes approximately $52,430 annually. This has grown in the last five years, when the average person in this field was making $46,950 a year. The majority of designers who work in Georgia work in the Atlanta area. The number of Atlanta’s design professions grew by 16%, mimicking the trend of employment rate throughout the city; however, the average salary per year in this city has increased at a slower rate than in other professions, so students might be more likely to take jobs in other cities or states.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Georgia

Georgia has over 15 accredited programs. Some of the top programs include Savannah College of Art and Design’s B.A., B.F.A., M.A. and M.F.A. in design. The Lamar Dodd School of Art in Athens, Georgia, offers a B.F.A. in this field, with classes like, graphics survey, typography and three-dimensional graphic design.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Jacksonville, FL

grapic design image1Jacksonville, FL residents who are interested in attending graphic design school should note that there are a plethora of things that must be considered in order to make an optimal, advantageous decision. By reading the graphic design college outline that appears below, you can make an informed, career-building decision regarding which learning institution to enroll in:

List of Graphic Design Schools in Jacksonville

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Jacksonville, FL

There are a variety of graphic design colleges in Florida, and you need to be selective in deciding which one to attend. One thing to keep in mind throughout the selection process is the importance of attending an accredited school. Accreditation is important for numerous reasons, one of which is that it shows that a learning institution is operating in compliance with regional, state, and/or national academic guidelines which ensure that the classes you take are relevant and effective. Since this is the case, be sure to begin your search for the ideal graphic design schools with a key phrase like “Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Florida.” Once you start looking through the websites of accredited institutions, you’ll be able to determine which one is most appropriate in terms of your budget, personal proclivities, and professional goals. To ensure that you make an advantageous decision, it may be a good idea for you to request an on-campus tour before you enroll in a graphic design degree program.

Graphic Design Certification in Jacksonville, FL

There are no graphic design certification requirements for individuals who wish to work in Florida. However, many people find that completing certifications programs is advantageous for them. Doing so can be helpful in several cases, such as when you do not have enough money to invest in a four year education. Typically, you can complete a graphic design certifications programs in 15 months or less, meaning there will be less of a monetary investment.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Jacksonville, FL

Individuals who work as graphic designers in Jacksonville, FL typically earn $50,000 annually. While this figure is current, you should be aware that it is subject to change based on a plethora of factors, including the economy, your level of education, and the experience you have.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Florida

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale
Lynn University
South University-West Palm Beach
Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Flagler College
Florida Southern College
Florida State University
Full Sail University

Top Graphic Design Schools in Alabama | AL

graphic design image1As a result of technological advances and globalization, graphic design has become an incredibly exciting and perpetually evolving career sector. If you reside in Alabama and know that a career in this dynamic field is right for you, get yourself off to a great start by attending an innovative, excellent school. There are a wide variety of graphic design degree programs and training courses available. To get a basic idea of what your options are, refer to this quick reference guide:

List of Graphic Design Schools in Alabama

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Alabama

Be sure that you get your education off to an exceptional start by attending an accredited graphic design school. Accreditation is important for several reasons, one of which is that it ensures that the learning institution you attend is operating in compliance with regional, state, and/or federal codes and guidelines regarding course standardization. Additionally, employers tend to prefer job candidates who attended accredited schools because it indicates that they received a contemporary, current education that prepares them to work in the modern world. Finding an accredited graphic design degree program is quite simple. Just enter a key phrase such as “Locate Accredited Graphic Design School in Alabama” in the search engine. You’ll then be led to a new screen with several educational options that you can select from.

Graphic Design Certification in Alabama

Alabama residents are not required to take any graphic design certification courses in order to work within the field. However, it’s important to note that individuals who complete associate’s, bachelor’s, or certification programs are generally much stronger job candidates. Attaining a graphic design certification can be advantageous for numerous reasons, especially if you do not have the funds to support the completion of a two or four year degree program. These days, there are a plethora of online graphic design certification programs that you can complete. Locating the ideal training courses simply requires an internet search.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Alabama

Graphic designers who want to work in the state of Alabama can expect to bring home $54,000 each year. Keep in mind that this salary is not static. Rather, it is subject to fluctuation based on at least four factors. Those factors include job performance, employer, state of the economy, and your experience in the field.

Nearby States

List of Graphic Design Programs in Alabama

Lawson State Community College-Birmingham Campus
Bishop State Community College
Samford University
Spring Hill College
H Councill Trenholm State Technical College
Virginia College-Birmingham
Virginia College-Huntsville

Top Graphic Design Schools in Indianapolis, IN

grapic design image1One of the best ways to find accredited graphic art courses in Indianapolis is by looking for schools with an online or telephone directory search. Contact each school to receive information in the mail or online. Alternatively, schedule a tour of the college to see its classrooms along with meeting professors. To verify a school is accredited, contact the state of Indiana’s regulation committee that maintains a website with a list of programs that offer certificates and degrees. Meeting other students who have attended classes at a college is a great way to learn if the program is a good fit for you.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Indianapolis

Graphic Design Certification in Indianapolis, IN

While Indianapolis does not require that graphic design artists have licensing or certification, the firms that hire the workers in this industry must register with the state. Both brick-and-mortar and online graphic art businesses must apply for a permit that is necessary to meet the legal standards in the state. A business working in this industry can improve its reputation by placing copies of employee’s diplomas on the wall in offices. It is important for individuals working in the graphic arts to remain informed about this career because the city of Indianapolis may eventually require certification to work in this career.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Indianapolis, IN

Experienced graphic designers earn approximately $50,000 a year in Indianapolis while inexperienced workers earn an average of $39,000. These salary ranges are for full-time employees, but it is also possible to work part-time in this industry. Employees working for professional firms are also offered benefits such as medical insurance and vacation days. Graphic design artists are often able to work from home with a professional firm or by freelancing.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Indianapolis, IN

There are several training programs for graphic design in Indianapolis, including at Ivy Tech Community College that offers certificate courses and associate degree programs. Students can attend classes during the day or evening throughout the year while working a job, making this a desirable program to attend. International Business College also offers a variety of diploma and associate degree classes at its Indianapolis location. Additional accredited programs are offered at the University of Indianapolis and at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. Universities offer an opportunity to earn higher degrees such as a master’s degree in graphic arts.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Pennsylvania | PA

graphic design image1The graphic design professional performs an important task within the graphic designing department at a company. These professionals are creative people that blend visual and text material together to create advertising or marketing messages. The idea is to communicate an important message to the reader through newspapers, magazines, brochures, newsletter, logo’s, business cards, and even letterhead along with other advertising material. Of course, to get started in the career it takes a high amount of talent along with education.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Pennsylvania

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Pennsylvania

Perhaps, you live in Pennsylvania and would like more information on getting started with this career. Get started by attending a fully accredited college in Pennsylvania. It is mandatory to make sure that the institution has full accreditation. This certifies that the college is approved by governing organizations in the state. The good news is that it is easy to narrow down your search for a learning institution by using the Internet. However, it is also important to use due diligence and research all the centers for learning.

Graphic Design Certification in Pennsylvania

Graphic designers must have the ability to perform the work and excellent communication skills. Certainly, those components will get them to the top of the career ladder. However, those that achieve certification are headed for advancement. The fact is that larger design firms prefer a worker that has advanced schooling or is certified in design.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Pennsylvania

Statistics show that about one fourth of those working in design are self-employed. This dramatically affects the amount of money that they earn. Other factors that affect wages include whether they work in a small or large firm, experience, and education. Still, the median salary for those currently working is about $38, 515 per year in Pennsylvania. Those with the most experience earn more. Recent graduates earn less.

Nearby States
List of Graphic Design Programs in Pennsylvania

There are several places that offer degrees. Here are a few of the top ones.

  • Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA 19103
  • The University of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102
  • La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
  • Pennsylvania Collie of Art & Design, Lancaster, PA 17608
  • Arcadia University, Glenside, PA 19038
  • Cabrini College, Radnor, PA 19087
  • West Chester University, West Chester, PA 19383

Top Graphic Design Schools in Wyoming | WY

graphic design image1Wyoming residents who are interested in working within the graphic design sector should begin pursuing a great education immediately. As you may have gathered, education is the stepping stone to an exciting, perpetually growing career in the graphic design field. With that idea in mind, it’s important that you gain a basic understanding of what your graphic design program educational options are. To obtain this information, review the following outline:

List of Graphic Design Schools in Wyoming

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Wyoming

Your first step in finding the ideal graphic design schools is locating institutions that are accredited. Without accreditation, you can’t be fully certain that a Wyoming college is operating in conformance with regional educational guidelines. Since this is the case, start your online search for the right graphic design degree program with a key phrase such as “Find Accredited Graphic Design Programs in Wyoming” in the search field. Then click your “return” or “enter” key. You’ll be led to a new screen from which you can start researching various accredited graphic design courses available to you within the state. As you begin researching the colleges, be sure that you’re looking into pertinent information such as the duration of the program, tuition costs, scholarship opportunities, campus life, dorm options, etc.

Graphic Design Certification in Wyoming

The state of Wyoming does not require graphic designers to obtain certification to work in the state. Nevertheless, it can be quite advantageous to earn additional educational certifications, especially if you want to start working in the graphic design field prior to obtaining your degree. There are a plethora of online graphic design certification programs that you can select from, and some can be completed within a year.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Wyoming

If you opt to work as a graphic designer in Wyoming, expect to bring home an average annual salary of $44,000. Keep in mind that this annual income can fluctuate based on factors like who your employer is, how much experience you have in the graphic design sector, and any areas of expertise that you may have attained. Also note that many graphic designers opt to work as independent contractors as opposed to obtaining a position through an employer. Owning your own graphic design business or taking on independent assignments gives you the opportunity to increase your annual income.

Nearby States
List of Graphic Design Programs in Wyoming

Casper College
Central Wyoming College
Northwest College in Powell
College America-Cheyenne


Top Graphic Design Schools in Baltimore, MD

grapic design image1A career in graphic design can be a rewarding career if it’s approached properly. Many students who have a technical and artistic aptitude will find that this career combines the best of both worlds, but you must have proper training. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering a career in graphic design.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Baltimore

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Baltimore, MD

There are currently, at least, three accredited colleges in Baltimore, MD. Accreditation is important because it verifies that the college teaches the skills necessary to excel in this field. Most employers will not hire people who graduated from non-accredited educational institutions.

Graphic Design Certification in Baltimore, MD

Students of graphic design will improve their employment chances with graphic design certification. They may also improve their chances of being hired. If you want to know more about graphic design certification, there is some information offered online.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Baltimore, MD

Graphic designers in Baltimore, MD are paid five percent more than the graphic designer in other states across the nation. The current salary of graphic designer is $56,000. While this salary is not as high as some others in the technology field, it is much higher than some salaries in the arts.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Maryland

There are a number of different graphic design programs in Maryland. These graphic design programs are some of the best in the area and can prepare any student for a career in the industry. The Maryland Institute of Art is located in Baltimore and offers a number of different classes related to graphic design. The Community College of Baltimore County also offers graphic design programs in Maryland. There are over five other institutions offering classes in the area right outside the Baltimore area.

Enroll in a Graphic Design School in Baltimore, MD

When you enroll in a graphic design school in Baltimore, you’ll be in a better position to become gainfully employed in the industry. There are opportunities for people who perform well in school. Explore your options online and find out more about how graphic design school can expand your opportunities.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Las Vegas, NV

grapic design image1If you’re interested the graphic design schools in Las Vegas, there is much that needs to be explored before enrolling into a program. Most prospective students want to know what schools are available in the area and which programs of study will help them propel their career to the next level. Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Las Vegas

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Las Vegas, NV

Finding an accredited graphic design college is not difficult. There are, at least, two reputable and recognized educational institutions. Accreditation verifies that the school is teaching the skills required by most other schools in the industry.

Graphic Design Certification in Las Vegas, NV

Graphic design certification in Las Vegas will help your employer determine which skills you have mastered during your training. Licensing will provide peace of mind that you can perform on the level that’s required by an employer. That’s why they urge you to be licensed in this field.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Las Vegas, NV

If you’re living in Las Vegas, you can expect your salary to be 19 percent lower than the rest of the nation. The average salary is $43,000, but the cost of living is lower than some of the other higher paying places in the industry.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Nevada

If you’re considering enrolling in graphic design training in the area, you should consider The Art Institute of Las Vegas or the College of Southern Nevada. The University of Nevada in Las Vegas and the International Academy of Design and Technology is nearby in Henderson and can help with your development.

Enroll in Graphic Design Schools in Las Vegas, NV

When you’re ready to enroll, you can put your love for artistry and technology to work. These schools are some of the best in the industry and can help you gain the skills necessary to excel in the industry. Most people are exploring the field of graphic design to improve their advertising ability or their ability to produce a website to attract and keep visitors. Graphic design is one of the up and coming professions in the industry.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Columbus, OH

grapic design image1It can be tough for a creative person to spend a lot of time in a low paying, boring job. Those who want to use their skills in their careers may think that getting the training will be too expensive or take too long. It is easy to find accredited colleges that offer great financial aid and may take only two years to get a degree.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Columbus

Graphic Design Certficiation in Colombus, OH

Those who only have a high school diploma may quickly realize that they don’t have many options in the job market. Graphic design offers a lot of stability, while still being something great for those who want to do something creative. However, these people are truly professionals. They utilize complex computer programs and create beautiful designs that can be used on the web and on physical media. There will generally be a breakdown of what each program will entail. Students who want training a specific area will need to look into each school and ask those who are currently working in the field which colleges offer the best preparation in that area.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Colombus, OH

Students should search for speicific courses that will give them the chance to grow their portfolio. In many cases, these institutions even have the connections to set students up with good internships. Aside from getting some good contacts in the industry, it will also give students a good feel for what they will be doing every day on the job. Additionally, it will give them good experience that can be put on a resume.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Colombus, OH

Before committing to this program, consider how much money can be made long term at this career. It can be very different, depending on the amount of time that the professional has been in the field. In a lot of cases, there are people who are freelancing, and the amount they are paid is different than a full time professional. Consider the salary before choosing the career path, and speak with those who have been successful with this career path to get some insider pointers on which educational institution to choose, and how to get the best job after graduation.

Top Graphic Design Schools in Iowa | IA

graphic design image1Iowa residents who know that a career in graphic design is right for them should begin their journey into this exciting field by getting an absolutely amazing education. Oftentimes, individuals feel overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out what type of degree requirements there are or which courses they should take to become knowledgeable in their chosen field of study. If this is the challenge for you, it need not be a challenge any longer. To get the foundational information you need to pick a high quality graphic design degree program that will advance your career, simply read the short outline offered below:

List of Graphic Design Schools in Iowa

Find Accredited Graphic Design Colleges in Iowa

Your first step in developing a dynamic, perpetually growing career in the graphic design sector is finding an accredited school. The school you select should be accredited for several reasons, one of which is that accreditation proves that the learning institution is in conformance with regional guidelines. To get started in your search for the ideal graphic design college, type in a key phrase like “Find Accredited Graphic Design Schools In Iowa.” You’ll then be able to go to several websites featuring information about specific learning institutions. Be sure that you’re critically examining key data such as the graphic design program tuition costs, dorm options, and length of program. To get a really good idea of whether a specific program would be appropriate and advantageous for you, consider scheduling a complimentary consultation with an administrator or scheduling an on-campus tour.

Graphic Design Certification in Iowa

There are no graphic design certification requirements that you must complete to legally work in the state. Simply locate a learning institution that offers a degree and complete the school’s specific requirements.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Iowa

Iowa residents who choose to become graphic designers can expect to earn about $52,000 each year. However, you must keep in mind that numerous factors come into play when annual salaries are being determined. Some of the factors include:

-level of education
-any ongoing educational courses you’ve completed
-job performance

Nearby States
List of Graphic Design Programs in Iowa

There are several graphic design colleges in the state of Iowa you can opt to attend. Some of them include:

Briar Cliff University
Drake University
Grand View University
Iowa State University
Morningside College
Mount Mercy University
Ashford University
Saint Ambrose University