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Healthcare Administration Degree in Minneapolis MN

Top Healthcare Administration Degree in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN residents who wish to work as healthcare administrators should begin their vocational journey by earning an exemplary education. At this point, there are a wide range of academic institutions that offer Minnesota residents preparatory classes and training programs that will help them develop sustainable, progressive careers. If you’re ready to start a personally and professionally rewarding career as a healthcare administrator, learn all about your educational options by reviewing the information below:

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Find Accredited Healthcare Administrator Colleges in Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis, MN residents who are ready to start searching for an exceptional academic institution need to consider whether that learning facility is accredited. If a learning institution is not accredited, you cannot be confident that the courses you take are standardized and in keeping with important educational guidelines. There are multiple mechanisms that you can utilize to start your search for an accredited learning institution. One search method is the internet. In this case, you’ll just use a popular key phrase such as “Accredited Minnesota Healthcare Administration Schools.” As you begin reviewing school websites that offer healthcare administration degrees, pay close attention to things such as tuition fees, dorm options, and faculty interests. Attaining this information will help you make a school choice that is most advantageous and apposite for you.

Healthcare Administrator Certification in Minneapolis, MN

Certification requirements are a reality you need to consider as you work towards your goal of becoming a great healthcare administrator. While most states will not require you to earn a certification, you should consider doing so. In many cases, earning a certification is the preliminary step to career advancement and a salary increase.

Salaries for Healthcare Administrator Jobs in Minneapolis, MN

The projected annual salary for healthcare administrators in Minneapolis, MN is $55,000. Note that your salary can increase or decrease based on realities such as your job performance, educational background, participation in ongoing training programs, and areas of expertise.

List of Healthcare Administrator Programs in Minnesota

Walden University
Riverland Community College
Concordia College at Moorhead

Globe University

Hennepin Technical College

Argosy University-Twin Cities

University of Minnesota-Crookston

Herzing University in Minneapolis

University of Minnesota-Duluth

Minnesota School of Business in Richfield

Minnesota State University-Moorhead

National American University-Roseville

Rochester Community and Technical College

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Rasmussen College-Minnesota

Saint Paul College – A Community and Technical College

Healthcare Administration Degree in Raleigh, NC

healthcare administration image1Deciding to get a degree in healthcare administration can be an exciting endeavor. However, the seemingly unlimited educational options that are available to you may find you feeling a bit overwhelmed. However, the search for the perfect North Carolina-based learning institution does not have to become an arduous task. To make the search for the perfect healthcare administration school short and simple, review the following advice and instructions:

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Raleigh, NC

Find Accredited Healthcare Administrator Colleges in Raleigh, NC

Finding out whether a healthcare administration program is accredited should play an integral role in your school selection process. Why? Because if the learning institution that you enroll in is not accredited, you can’t be fully certain that the education you receive is standardized, contemporary, and relevant to the world of work. With that reality in mind, be sure that you’re only considering North Carolina schools that are accredited. There are many ways for you to start the school selection process, and one of them is to go online and do a keyword search. A sample key phrase that you may want to use for this process is “Locate Accredited North Carolina Healthcare Administration School.” You’ll then be able to browse the web pages of educational institutions to learn all about important matters such as their course offerings, the duration of their programs, and how much you can expect to pay in tuition.

Healthcare Administrator Certification in Raleigh, NC

Certification is an important factor to consider when you’re working towards becoming a healthcare administrator. Generally, you will not be required to complete any certification requirements. However, you should check with the North Carolina board to ensure that this is the case. Even if you are not required to earn a certification, you may find doing so can help advance your career. If you do decide that attaining a certification will be personally advantageous, note that there are oftentimes graduate certification programs that you can enroll in. These programs are typically offered through four year universities and colleges. Once you obtain your certification, you may find that it is easier to find a job, earn raises, and attain promotions.

Salaries for Healthcare Administrator Jobs in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC residents who want to work as healthcare administrators should note that the projected annual salary is $61,000.

List of Healthcare Administrator Programs in Raleigh, NC

College of the Albemarle
Appalachian State University
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
Beaufort County Community College
Blue Ridge Community College in Flat Rock
Cabarrus College of Health Sciences
Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
Catawba Valley Community College

Healthcare Administration Degree in Montana

healthcare image 1If you live in Montana, you’d like to work in an office setting and you want to help people lead a healthier life, consider working in healthcare administration. This field is ideal if you want to work in healthcare but don’t have the stomach for direct patient care. Although Montana’s one of the least populated states in the country, healthcare is a promising career path and it’s one of the largest industries in the state.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Montana

Find Accredited Healthcare Administration Degrees in Montana

If you pursue a healthcare administration degree, start by investigating the college you plan to attend. Contact the Montana Board of Regents to find out if the program or university you’re interested in is an accredited institution of higher learning. Additionally, two agencies oversee healthcare administration accreditation. The Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) oversees accreditation of institutions teaching healthcare administration in the United States and Canada, and the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) guides school accreditation globally. If your school of choice is not listed, investigate further to find out why by contacting the organizations and discussing the issue with your admissions officer. Along with your database search, visit with potential employers to find out if they’ll hire you after attending a particular academy.

Healthcare Certification in Montana

Except for long-term care or nursing home administrators, healthcare administration certification is voluntary in Montana and nationwide. Voluntary certification seekers can find more information at the American College of Healthcare Administrators website. Even though certification is not required, certification by a recognized board is a definite leg up over the competition when job hunting. Long-term care and nursing home administrators must pass the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) exam to receive state licensure.

Salaries for Healthcare Administrators in Montana

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2012 through 2022 will see an above average 23% growth period, due to the coming-of-age of the nation’s Baby Boomer population and increased staff needed to comply with privacy regulations. Earnings estimates for Montana’s healthcare administration industry range from $55,000 to $150,000 per year depending on occupation and facility size.

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Healthcare Administration Programs in Montana

The big sky country is sparsely populated. As a result, only two universities offer training specific to healthcare administration in the state, although other venues may offer training transferable to the field. They are:

• Montana State University – Billings, Great Falls

• The University of Montana – Missoula

Healthcare administration is ideal if you want to work in a professional environment and enjoy helping others, but you can’t deal with sicknesses directly like doctors or nurses. A thorough evaluation of your school of choice will ensure that you have career opportunities when you graduate. Due to the changing dynamics of the population, healthcare professionals will enjoy a strong, lucrative employment outlook for the immediate future. Consider what profession you’d like to move to once the demand to service the Baby Boomer population has passed. You’ll want to choose a degree path you can build on or transfer to another area of healthcare when staffing needs change in the future.

Pima Medical Institute - East ValleyMesa(480) 898-98982160 S. Power Road
Mesa, AZ 85209
Pima Medical Institute - TucsonTucson(520) 326-16002160 S. Power Road
Mesa, AZ 85209
Southwest Skill Center at Estrella Mountain Community CollegeAvondale(623) 535-27003000 North Dysart Road in Avondale,
Brookline College - TempeTempe(480) 545-87551140-1150 S. Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
Arizona College of Allied HealthGlendale(602) 222-93004425 W Olive Ave #300
Glendale, AZ 85302

Healthcare Administration Degree in Boston, MA

healthcare image 1Boston is home to a booming healthcare services industry. Nurses, doctors and administrators all enjoy a great amount of job security and high salaries in the metropolitan area.

If you’ve recently considered a career change because you’re looking for years of job security in the future, you can find many accredited healthcare administration colleges in Boston that will gear you up for gainful employment.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Boston, MA

Healthcare Administration Certification in Boston, MA

While there is a great demand for healthcare administrators in Boston, competition among candidates remains fierce. The best way to help yourself stand out from the rest is to obtain healthcare administration certification.

If you plan on going getting a Bachelor’s degree before you start looking for a job, you’ll likely get the training you need to sit for and pass certificate examinations. If don’t plan on getting a degree, you must take a licensing course to help you pass the AAPC exams.

Also known as the American Association of Professional Coders, the AAPC issues licenses and certifications to individuals who have proven to know how to effectively use medical billing and coding procedures. Knowing this information should be used as a base to launch your career in the health services field. If you don’t have the AAPC license, it will be much harder for you to get a job.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Boston, MA

Salaries vary greatly depending on your experience and degree level. If you received a certificate in medical billing and coding, you can expect to receive an entry level salary of $40,000 per year.

Obtaining your Bachelor’s degree will increase your starting salary to $51,000 per year. If you decide to stay in Boston and continue your career as an administrator, executive level employees at major hospitals often enjoy a salary greater than $125,000 annually.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Massachusetts

Whether you need an affordable tuition option or are looking for one of the best healthcare administration programs in the country, Massachusetts has it all.

Simmons College- Located in Boston, Simmons College is a top school for individuals looking for a quality education. They currently offer a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Many who graduate from Simmons College go on to attend Harvard.

Harvard University- The Master of Public Health offered by the Harvard School of Public Health is one of the top administration degrees in the country. Those who strive to become administrators in Boston will likely attempt to go to this school.

Newbury College- Located in Brookline, this Newbury offers an affordable Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. This is a great option for Boston residents who want to attend college on a strict budget.


Healthcare Administration Degree in Louisiana

healthcare image 1The healthcare industry has been growing consistently for years and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. There are numerous healthcare administration programs available to Louisiana residents. Here are some of the top programs with health care courses available to aspiring healthcare administration professionals available in Louisiana.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Louisiana

Find Accredited Healthcare Administration Colleges in Louisiana

There are numerous healthcare programs in Louisiana, but there are only a few accredited programs located in the state. Nunez Community College, Louisiana State University-Shreveport, University of New Orleans, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Tulane University of Louisiana, Career Technical College, and Delta College Inc. all offer great educational opportunities for aspiring managers.

Healthcare Administration Certification in Louisiana

Healthcare Administration programs available can offer a certification path to aspiring professionals. The leading healthcare administration certification programs located in Louisiana will prepare a person for a good career in the field. Liberty University Online offers a Graduate certificate healthcare administration program for students. University of New Orleans, Tulane University of Louisiana, University of Phoenix-Louisiana, and Strayer University all have programs available at the post baccalaureate level.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Louisiana

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics paints a promising picture for those who want to enter the field. The average salary for professionals with a formal healthcare administration educational background is $85,550. The growth rate for professionals is expected to increase by 23 percent through 2020.

Nearby States
List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Louisiana

Two-year programs offered for those pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration are available at multiple institutions. Nunez Community College, Career Technical College and Delta College all offer accredited Associate degree programs. Four-year institutions can offer even more opportunities. Louisiana State University-Shreveport, University of New Orleans, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and Tulane University of Louisiana feature four–year degree programs.

Qualified professionals are eligible for positions as Health Care Service Administrators. Those who complete two-year programs can obtain entry level positions in their respective fields. The growing demand for competent healthcare professionals could translate into a wonderful, rewarding career. Currently, there are approximately 3,270 people employed as medical and health services managers working in Louisiana currently. Professionals pursuing educational opportunities in critical need areas may be eligible for tuition-free training.

WellSpring School of Allied HealthLawrence(785) 856-3903947 New Hampshire
(entrance on 10th St.)
Lawrence, KS 66044

Healthcare Administration Degree in Detroit, MI

healthcare administration image1Healthcare administration is an absolutely amazing career field to enter. In addition to offering individuals the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others, a career in healthcare administration offers you the opportunity to build wealth and pursue professional advancement. If you live in Detroit, MI and are thinking about pursuing a career in this dynamic sector, you should start your vocational journey by earning an excellent education. To obtain a comprehensive understanding of your academic options, consider this data:

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Detroit, MI

Find Accredited Healthcare Administrator Colleges in Detroit, MI

Accreditation is a factor you must consider if you want to be successful in your educational career. Accredited learning institutions operate according to important principles of academic standardization, and this means that you can be fairly certain that you’re getting a high quality, contemporary education. If you’re going to search for a Michigan-based healthcare administration school online, you can begin the process with a key phrase like “Locate Michigan Accredited Healthcare Administration Colleges.” Another search option you have is the phone book. However, many people find looking online to be a more expedient, effective way to locate the ideal school. In addition to perusing the data that a school lists about itself online, consider the value of calling a campus representative and asking questions about educational matters that are of importance to you. In many cases, schools will offer you the opportunity to attain a complimentary on-campus tour to see whether you like the physical setting and campus life of the learning institution.

Healthcare Administrator Certification in Detroit, MI

While earning a certification is typically not required, it’s almost always a good idea. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that the certification can function as the precursor to attaining a professional advancement (such as a salary increase or promotion). There are several paths to certification, and one of them is enrolling in a graduate certification program. These programs are available at numerous 4-year universities and colleges. In many cases, the schools offer classes that can be completed online. To complete the program, you may need to participate in an internship at a healthcare facility or local clinic. Once you graduate, you might have the qualifications necessary to pursue your professional certification.

Salaries for Healthcare Administrator Jobs in Detroit, MI

The projected annual salary for a healthcare administrator based in Detroit, MI is $66,000.

List of Healthcare Administrator Programs in Michigan

Andrews University
Baker College of Owosso
Baker College of Flint
Bay de Noc Community College
Carnegie Institute
Central Michigan University
Mott Community College
Cleary University
Concordia University-Ann Arbor
Davenport University
Delta College
University of Detroit Mercy
Eastern Michigan University
Ferris State University
Glen Oaks Community College
Grand Rapids Community College

Healthcare Administration Degree in Nashville, TN

healthcare administration image1The healthcare industry is perfect for anyone looking to change careers. Health industry employees enjoy job security, above average salaries and great benefits for them and their families. Whether you’re looking to change careers or you’ve just graduated from high school and need to decide what career path to take, a variety of top accredited healthcare administration colleges in Nashville, TN are affordable for all types of budgets.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Nashville, TN

Healthcare Administration Certification in Nashville, TN

While individuals with bachelors degrees already have a leg up on others applying for the same position, obtaining healthcare administration certification will show your potential employers that you are knowledgeable about the field you are entering.

The best certification to get is for medical billing and coding. The American Association of Professional Coders administers the exams that potential coders take. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll receive a license in the mail and be able to include “AAPC Medical Coding and Billing Certification” on your resume.

If you don’t plan on getting a bachelors degree, many schools in the Nashville area offer certificate classes to help you study for the tests.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Nashville, TN

Nashville is on par with the rest of the country and is fast becoming a healthcare employment hub.

Newly graduated students who hold a Bachelors Degree in Healthcare Administration can expect to earn a salary of $42,000 per year. This number can increase to $80,000 if you have at least five years of experience and have been promoted to a management position within a major hospital.

Individuals who aren’t able to afford a bachelors degree but have obtained a medical coding and billing license can expect to earn a salary of $30,000 per year for the first year of employment.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Tennessee

There are a variety of colleges that Tennessee residents can choose from when they decide to complete their healthcare administration program:

Tennessee State University– Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee State is a great choice for students looking to complete an afford bachelors degree program. The school currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration and Planning, Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management, a Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Planning and a Master of Public Health.

University of Memphis– The University of Memphis, located in Memphis, Tennessee, currently offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration and a number of masters degrees, including a Master of Public Health and a Master of Health Administration.

Healthcare Administration Degree in Virginia Beach, VA

healthcare image 1Virginia Beach, Virginia residents who are ready to work as healthcare administrators should begin their journey by attending a reputable, accredited learning institution. To ensure that you are successful in locating the ideal academic facility, consider the following advice and instructions:

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Virginia Beach, VA

Find Accredited Healthcare Administrator Colleges in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, VA residents who are interested in attaining a top notch healthcare administration degree should confine their search to an accredited learning institution. The accreditation process ensures that the classes you take are standardized, and this is why employers tend to prefer hiring job candidates who have attended accredited institutions. If you’re comfortable conducting an internet search to find the right Virginia-based program, you can enter a key phrase such as “Virginia Accredited Healthcare Administrator School” in the search line. There are numerous factors you’ll likely want to consider as you start the school selection process, and some of them include:

-cost of tuition
-dorm options
-accessibility of the faculty

Healthcare Administrator Certification in Virginia Beach, VA

Certification requirements for healthcare administrators will vary from state to state. However, it’s important to note that you will typically not need to obtain a certification at the entry level. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to check with the Virginia board to determine if there are any rules and regulations you need to conform to. Also note that choosing to take courses or complete testing that entail a certification can help you advance in your career. There are several paths you can pursue to accomplish this objective. For example, individuals who have earned their bachelor’s degree in a healthcare administration-related field can enroll in a graduate certification program. Individuals who successfully complete these programs will oftentimes qualify to apply for advanced certifications.

Salaries for Healthcare Administrator Jobs in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach, VA residents who are ready to start working as healthcare administrators should learn as much about projected salaries as possible. According to, residents who work in this area will make about $49,000 each year. Be aware that numerous factors can cause this salary to increase or decrease. Some factors include:

-job performance
-level of expertise
-education level

List of Healthcare Administrator Programs in Virginia

Sanz School
MedSpa Careers Institute
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
George Mason University
James Madison University
Lord Fairfax Community College
Mary Baldwin College
Marymount University
Mountain Empire Community College
National College-Salem
Norfolk State University
Piedmont Virginia Community College
Shenandoah University
Strayer Virginia
Virginia Western Community College
Virginia Commonwealth University

Healthcare Administration Degree in Albuquerque, NM

healthcare image 1Albuquerque, NM residents who know they want to become healthcare administrators should focus on getting a high quality education. Within the state of New Mexico, there are a variety of educational courses, training programs, and preparatory classes you can enroll in to increase your knowledge and experience in this dynamic sector. In order to expedite the school selection process and jumpstart your career as a healthcare administrator, review the outline found below:

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Albuquerque, NM

Find Accredited Healthcare Administration Colleges in Albuquerque, NM

In the world of healthcare administration education, accreditation is very important. Accreditation is the process which ensures that the courses you take are standardized and in compliance with important educational guidelines devised at a regional, state, or national level. There are numerous ways you can start your school selection process. One of the simplest is the internet search. With this method, you’ll simply need to enter a key phrase like “Locate Albuquerque, NM Healthcare Administration Colleges” in the search engine. You’ll then be able to start reviewing the data found on the websites of learning institutions that offer healthcare administration services. As you begin the school selection process, it’s important that you recognize that attaining an online education could prove personally and professionally advantageous for you. With online learning, you can gain valuable technological skills that are applicable to the contemporary world of work. Additionally, you can take educational courses from the privacy of your own living space.

Healthcare Administration Certification in Albuquerque, NM

In the world of healthcare administration, certification is generally a personal decision. Many people who work in the healthcare administration sector opt to earn a certification to help advance their professional careers. There are several organizations that you can go through to obtain your certification, with one of them being the American College of Health Care Administrators. You should also note that there are a plethora of graduate-level healthcare administration certificate programs you can enroll in. These programs prepare students to attain management positions in the health care sector. Typically, the programs take 4 years to complete.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Albuquerque, NM

If you wish to pursue a career as a healthcare administrator in Albuquerque, NM, know that you can expect to earn about $32,000 each year.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in New Mexico

Central New Mexico Community College
Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell Campus
National American University-Albuquerque
University of Phoenix-Albuquerque Campus
National American University-Rio Rancho
Carrington College-Albuquerque
Brown Mackie College-Albuquerque

Healthcare Administration Degree in Nebraska

healthcare image 1Even during hard economic times, the medical field experiences tremendous job growth. This is due to the increased demand for medical services for the aging population, disabled, and those on special health care plans. The team administrative leader in the hospital or medical facility is the Healthcare Administrator. These professionals are highly skilled and trained individuals that coordinate all the activities in the place. This is a great career opportunity for those that would like a medical career in administrative services. Here is how to become a Healthcare Administrator in Nebraska.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Nebraska

Find Accredited Healthcare Administration Colleges in Nebraska

The administrator works closely with staff to plan and coordinate all the activities in the medical facility. This requires extensive training in several areas. Therefore, the applicant should attend an accredited college in Nebraska. A learning institution with accreditation complies with established state rules and regulations.

Healthcare Administration Certification in Nebraska

After graduation, the applicant must take a licensing exam to work at this occupation. Certification is optional in many states. However, many elect to become certified. This distinction demonstrates that the applicant has acquired the knowledge that is required to manage and operate a large health related organization. The two certifying organizations include the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management and the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Nebraska

First, it is important to understand that the money earned depends on a number of factors. Certainly, the size of the health care organization and the type of responsibilities that the Administrator has weighs heavily on earnings. The national median salary for those in this occupation is $88,580. The average wages for those in Nebraska is about $49,000 annually. This is a bit lower than the national average.

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List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Nebraska

The good news is that there are several schools in Nebraska that offer Healthcare Administration Programs. However, there is a high competition rate among applicants. Here is a list of approved learning institutions that offer bachelor, masters, and PhD.

  • Bellevue University, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005-3098
  • Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska 68178
  • Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska 68901
  • Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health, Omaha, Nebraska 68114-2852
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha, Nebraska 68182-0225