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Best Healthcare Administration Jobs

Healthcare administration is a field that is growing rapidly. With the growth of the aging population in the United States, there is more need than ever before for people that want to help others with their health. One of the best aspects about this field is the fact that there is a wide diversity of jobs that can be taken on. Not only can people work directly with their clients, but they can also work in a business environment to enact change on a large scale. Here are some of the best healthcare administration jobs that are available today for those that are interested in this career field.

Hospital Budget Analyst

There are thousands of hospitals across the country that are struggling to make ends meet. Budget analysts help hospitals meet their financial obligations and plan out their future needs. This is a vital part of running a hospital that is going to last over the long term. With all of the legislative changes that are occurring in medicine today, it is important to have people that understand the financial implications of any decisions in this area. There are many budget analysts that are able to grow in their career field rapidly because of all the great exposure they get with high ranking people in a hospital. Anyone that wants to take on this job should be good with numbers and willing to learn quickly.

Nursing Home Director

Nursing homes are one of the most important ways that people can help those that are elderly. Although many families want to help those that are older, there are times when professional help is needed when the physical and mental state of a person degrades too far. Nursing homes provide a safe place for people to live as they live out their final days. There is a lot of scrutiny on nursing homes right now due to the cost of care. A nursing home director is in charge of a nursing home. These duties will range from hiring the staff to helping the patients. Anyone that wants to be a nursing home director should be good at managing people and have a caring heart for others.


Another important job in the field of healthcare administration is a fundraiser. A lot of research in the medical field is funded through contributions from donors. Fundraising is an important skill that is value added to many businesses. For example, if a hospital wanted to contribute ten million dollars to breast cancer research they could hire a fundraiser to help them.

Final Thoughts

Healthcare administration is a growing career field with a lot of options for employment. With all of the healthcare needs in the United States today, there are more opportunities than ever before for qualified graduates. Anyone that is entering this career field is going to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many people over the long term through their work.