Certified Cosmetologist Salary

Certified Cosmetologist Salary

For a certified cosmetologist, areas of specialty are practically limitless, and the average yearly earnings are attractive. Once you have studied to get your certification or degree, you can look at whether you prefer the idea of dealing in hair coloring, helping day-spa customers rejuvenate with a pedicure, or apply makeup to actors on a movie production. The type of work you choose to pursue as a certified cosmetologist, along with your location, will factor into your salary.

What Will You Do?

If up until this point you’ve only known that you wanted to work in the beauty business, it’s time to pick a special focus. While your passion for different types of work should certainly guide your choices, it can’t hurt to examine the numbers. With the right cosmetology education, you could choose among career options such as writer or editor for a beauty magazine, teacher with a cosmetology school, or even an esthetician. Statistics from the US Department of Labor show that massage therapists, directors of education, and trade show managers—of all the careers dealing directly with cosmetology—average the highest salaries, potentially earning upwards of $80,000. Nail technicians earn the least, averaging between $12,000 and $32,000.

Going Into Business for Yourself

After successfully completing your classes, you may find yourself in possession of a wealth of knowledge in across-the-board areas of cosmetology. In such a situation, a certified cosmetologist may choose to open and operate a salon. While this would additionally require a great deal of business savvy, you would hand-pick, use, and promote the best cosmetology products, in addition to training staff, advising clients, and so on. Adjustable according to size of the salon and its location, your salary would likely fall in the range of $39,000 to $80,000.

Getting Your Education

Whether through a top-notch certification program or a leading, degree-granting cosmetology school, you will need to acquire a vast base of knowledge before entering the field. Certain professions are likely to require a degree in the subject or other specialized training. Beauty consultants, for instance, often get started on the field while working their way through school, only to launch a full-fledged career upon earning certification. Beauty consultants typically earn salaries between $40,00 and $73,000. If you’re looking for good work to help you break into the beauty field while completing your education, consider working as a shampooer. Those who assist in the washing, conditioning, and even treating of hair earn, on average, $17,470.

When you decide what exact cosmetology path to pursue, you should take into account your own enthusiasm and proficiency in a given area along with the average earnings. Offering a little something for everyone, cosmetology careers span from those that pay below $20,000 on average to careers in which one can earn up to $84,000 (director of education at a beauty school). Compare salaries from your hometown to areas nationwide to get a clear idea.

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