Cosmetologists Job Duties

Cosmetologists Job Duties

Cosmetologists, also known as hairdressers or beauticians, provide a range of services to consumers. Cosmetologists must attend a cosmetology school, and they are expected to complete 1200 to 1600 hours of training before they can take state licensing exams. During cosmetology school, future beauticians will learn in a classroom setting and practice performing newly-learned techniques on mannequins. There are also beauty schools that offer salon services to the public. This gives many cosmetologists-in-training the opportunity to practice on real individuals and begin to network as stylists.

Demonstrate Good Customer Service Skills

In order for a beautician to be successful, they must have good customer service skills and be comfortable working with a variety of people. If clients are not happy with the service that was provided, then the cosmetologist should calmly rectify the situation. Although stylists can follow the clients instructions completely, there is still a chance clients will not be satisfied with the results. Most of the time there can be an agreement between the client and beautician about what steps need to be taken to please the customer. Providing good customer service skill is a great way to build a solid client base.

Performs Hair Services

The most practiced duty of most cosmetologists is performing a range of hair services. Typical hair services, performed by cosmetologists, are haircuts, hair coloring, and permanents. There are some cosmetologists who choose to specialize in a specific hair service, which can eventually lead to more earning potential. There are a number of services that require chemicals to be placed on the hair, which is why it is important for cosmetologists to receive proper training from a reputable school. A major responsibility of cosmetologists is to discuss what the customer expects from the service, and they must also take into consideration the condition of customers and their hair type. There are some services that are too harsh for damaged hair, and chemical treatments can cause damaged hair to break or even fall out completely. Cosmetologists must discuss what services can be safely performed on the client, and explain if any consequences could arise from chemically treating damaged hair.

Perform Salon Duties

Cosmetologists often work in salons, and they are responsible for performing a variety of duties in the salon. It is important that cosmetologists keep their booth clean and tidy. After a haircut or service is performed, the cosmetologist should clean any hair that is left in the salon chair and floor. It is also crucial that all styling tools are properly sanitized after each hair service is performed. Cosmetologists may also help by washing towels or answering the phone to take appointments. Some salons offer product sales as an additional way for cosmetologists to earn extra income. Cosmetologists can also assist their peers in several ways, such as help with hair colors or permanents. For a salon to function smoothly, cosmetologists need to work together as a team, which will also potentially increase business.

Provides Additional Beauty Services

Other than cutting and styling hair, cosmetologists can perform a number of additional beauty services. Cosmetologists can perform manicures and pedicures on customers, and this service can be a great way for increasing income potential. Cosmetologists can also provide make-up application services, which is often used for weddings, prom, or other special occasions. Additional beauty services can be an excellent way for cosmologists to build a strong client base.

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