Cosmetology Job Duties

Once you graduate from high school, it is time to enter the real world. While you can choose to go out and get a job, you are not likely to find one that allows you to let your true talents shine. If you have an interest in cosmetology, getting training can put you on the road to earning certification that will allow you to embark on a career you will love. A day in the life of a cosmetologist is exciting, and there are certain job duties that you will spend your time perfecting once you are in the field.

Review Your Schedule

The first thing you will do when you start your day is review your schedule. This allows you to prepare for the various jobs you will be performing during the day. Furthermore, you can utilize the free time in your schedule to call and remind other clients that they have an upcoming appointment a day or two in advance. This will greatly reduce the number of no-shows you will encounter. During your training, you will have classes that will help you prepare for the organization and time management of your future business.

Preparing the Station

Once you have a clear understanding of what the day will consist of, it is time to prepare your station. It is important that you are organized and your work station is conducive toward a successful day. There are a number of programs you can take to ensure you are also complying with sanitation regulations, and your instructors will ensure you are prepared to work within the guidelines of your state. Furthermore, using your itinerary, you should further prepare your station with the various tools you will be using during the day. For example, if you know you have a client coming in for a perm in the afternoon, it is important to have your perm kit and all of the chemical solutions readily available to save time both for yourself and your client.

The Consultation

As a cosmetologist, it is your job to make your clients feel beautiful, and this is an important duty. If you are unsuccessful in meeting their expectations, they will likely take their business elsewhere and give you bad reviews. Therefore, it is crucial that you take the time to consult with your client to ensure you have a clear understanding of what style they wish to have. A great way to do this is to have plenty of style magazines in which you can use to compare with your client’s description of what they want you to do. Once you have a clear understanding, you will be better able to perform your job. With each happy client you are able to service, it is important for marketing purposes to provide your client with your card and ask for referrals. For each person your client tells about their wonderful experience with you, the chances of your success in growing your business will increase.

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