Cosmetology Job Search Tips

Graduating from beauty school is a major accomplishment, and graduates should be proud of their achievements. After a well-deserved break, most graduates are ready to hit the pavement in search of their first cosmetology job. How can they start the job hunt? Some people have worked in the beauty business for quite a while, and they are ready for a change. A new cosmetology job could challenge their skills and engage their creativity. Where can they information on degrees or programs to advance their careers? Several avenues can hasten the job search for people at every experience level. Three popular ways to find cosmetology work are job placement services, professional trade organizations and business networking. Here is more information on each of these job search methods.

Job Placement Services

Most beauty schools in the United States offer job placement services for their recent graduates. In fact, a survey of 70 cosmetology schools found that 92 percent offered some type of career services. For example, most schools have job bulletin boards that advertise current job openings. Many beauty school owners and educators have relationships with salons and other beauty businesses. They often try to connect recent or soon-to-be graduates with salons that have open positions. Some schools employ a job placement coach to help students start their cosmetology careers. They may offer degree information, certification help, career counseling, interview training and job fairs. While job placement services are not available at every beauty school, students should definitely take advantage of these services where they find them. Most schools can also provide students with their graduation rates, dropout rates, job placement rates and more.

Trade Organizations

Trade organizations are important for any profession, and cosmetology is no exception. Beauty school graduates can join many different organizations at the national, regional and local levels. The National Cosmetology Association (NCA) is notable for helping beauty school graduates start their careers. Professional trade organizations lobby for legislation that takes care of their members. Conferences and other gatherings enable members to meet industry leaders and build professional connections. Members often learn about job openings before the public hears about them.

Business Networking

Business networking can help beauty school graduates to find a cosmetology job. Networking with other professionals – whether at a national conference like NCA or a local event – has many benefits. Not only is it a good way to pick up beauty tips, but it can also open the door to potential job opportunities. Salon appointments are another way to make potential job connections. Chatting with a cosmetologist during a haircut or manicure can help recent graduates and experienced professionals get a foot in the door. This could start or advance a cosmetology career. Online social networking is also helpful, especially on beauty social networking sites. Their members include cosmetology students, teachers, professionals and beauty enthusiasts. They can ask each other questions about cosmetology training, beauty careers, job placement and more.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to job placement and networking, cosmetologists in search of jobs can benefit from a stand-out resume and professional portfolio. When looking for jobs in the beauty business, a picture really is worth a thousand words. An online portfolio is useful for online job applications, and it should be easy to update as styles change and skill sets grow.

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