Registered Cosmetologist Jobs

If you are interested in all things beauty, check out registered cosmetology jobs and training in your area! Cosmetology is where beauty meets career. Whether you like styling hair, artfully applying makeup, or giving fabulous manicures/pedicures, having a job in the beauty industry can be rewarding and lucrative. But how do you receive the training you’ll need? Luckily, there are many options for cosmetology education.

In your area, there are probably a few local cosmetology schools that offer the chance to master the art of beauty. In addition to local programs, there are several institutes with schools in many parts of the country. Schools such as Empire Beauty Schools, Paul Mitchell Schools, the Regency Beauty Institute, and the Aveda Institute boast schools from all across the country. These powerhouse institutions offer great training and vast experience to all who participate in their programs. Whether you attend one of these schools or go the local route, your overall goal is to receive the necessary skills and knowledge to get your cosmetology license. The requirements for going to cosmetology school differ in each state, but most schools require that you be at least 16 years old and a high school graduate. You will go to school anywhere from 1,000 hours to 2,000 hours for 6 months to a year. During this time, you will learn a multitude of different techniques for cutting, dying, and styling hair, nail management, makeup application, and even different aspects of chemical compounds in the products you use and creating a successful spa environment—exactly what you learn and to what extent depends on the school. Upon completion of cosmetology school, you will be ready to take the licensing examination, which has both a practical application part and a written examination. All states require this.

Once you have your cosmetology license you can begin to apply for registered cosmetology jobs. There are many options to choose from. First of all, you should decide which area of cosmetology you want to claim as your niche. For instance, you may want to work at a salon in the city, building up clientele for hairstyling. In this case, you would contact salons to find vacancies and then rent a chair at the salon of your choosing. However, you don’t have to focus on hair. You can choose to be a nail technician, a beautician, or a spa manager. You can even train to teach at a cosmetology academy! Some cosmetologists choose to operate freelance, managing hair and makeup for weddings and proms while others team up with photographers and work wherever the photographer works. Whichever venue you choose, make sure you stay current with the times. If you are a makeup artist, get as many certifications as you can. If you are a hair stylist, go to as many expos and tradeshows as possible. And above all, be friendly, outgoing, driven, and professional! If you can put people at ease while you spread beauty to their lives, you will be successful.

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