Cosmetology School Online

What is Cosmetology?

Cosmetology entails the education and application of hair, skin and nail treatments. It involves cutting and styling hair to professional make-up applications and is trained in a Cosmetology School. Cosmetologist are individuals who can specialize in numerous career choices such as;

  • Hair Stylist: Cuts, Colors, Perms and treatment for the hair.
  • Shampoo Specialist: Shampoos and conditions the client’s hair using a professional technique that prepares the hair for the stylist. They also may treat the hair following color or by chemical relaxer.
  • Manicurist/Pedicurist: Cares, treats and styles the client’s hands, feet, fingernails and toenails. A treatment usually entails moisturizing the hand and feet as well as the nails, along with trimming and/or painting the nails.
  • Esthetician: As an expert in skin care and treatment, the Esthetician offers services such as facials, exfoliation, waxing as well as professional make-up and skin care treatments. Furthermore, and Esthetician specializes in cosmetic retail.
  • Electrology: Expertly trained in the method of removing hair as well as skin treatments and therapies. They remove hair using an electrolysis device.

The Cosmetology Program

A Cosmetology curriculum provides knowledge, artistic and scientific principles along with hands-on essentials related to the cosmetology industry. A Cosmetology education supplies a replicated salon-environment enabling the students to grow essential manipulative skills. Cosmetology Course training will include teaching in all areas as well as stages of expert imaging, hair design, skin care, nail care, chemical processes, business/computer principles, business psychology, multi-cultural practices, product familiarity and other designated subjects. Graduates of a Cosmetology program will qualify to sit for their State’s Cosmetic Art Examiner examination. Upon effectively passing an exam, the graduates are then issued a license. Occupation is obtainable in beauty salons and other associated businesses.

Online Cosmetology Training

Most states require practicing Cosmetologist to hold a license and certificate; each state will entail various requirements for obtaining the license. Many people are active and busy with everyday routines and choose to enroll online with an accredited Cosmetology School to complete any required education and training in pursuit of degree. Below you will find a list of accredited cosmetology classes online programs:

  • Remington College : Remington College’s Cosmetology Diploma is designed to develop your product knowledge, artistry, and skills so that you can help people look and feel their best.
  • Hair Directions : Color Geek: combine the art & science of advanced hair color methods to expand your color skills, enhance your color art, and increase your color business
  • Modern Salon Learning : The Modern Salon Learning catalog contains the latest cut, color and style classes. Browse their library of classes. They also offer a wide range of classes from leading Celebrity Hairstylists.
  • Salon Prep : They offer the cosmetology test review course you cannot be without. Salon Prep is the perfect partner for assisting students’ in passing rigorous cosmetology test. It was developed by cosmetologists, exclusively for hopeful cosmetologists.
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