Top Graphic Design Schools in Cleveland, OH

grapic design image1Anyone who likes artwork and printing processes can attend a graphic design program to learn the skills required to work as an expert. To find accredited graphic design schools, students should complete an online search or look in a telephone directory. Several types of businesses employ graphic designers to create advertising on websites or in print to attract customers. Contacting the human resources department of businesses that employ graphic designers can lead to a job shadowing experience with an experienced worker in this field. While meeting this person, ask about the program they attended in Cleveland.

List of Graphic Design Schools in Cleveland

Graphic Design Certification in Cleveland, Ohio

The state of Ohio, including the city of Cleveland does not regulate graphic designers. However, anyone wanting to hire an individual in this career expects the person to attend a variety of courses in art, communication and computer software to understand how to do the job. Students can receive certificates or degrees that take up to four years of education from art training institutes, community colleges or universities. Individuals completing school should keep track of current state regulations because the government officials of the city of Cleveland could decide to require licensing or certification.

Salaries for Graphic Design Jobs in Cleveland, Ohio

Full-time workers in this job occupation in Cleveland can earn as much as $51,000 a year, leading to an hourly wage of over $24 an hour. Many designers work part-time at on-site locations throughout the city or from home as freelancers. Experienced employees will earn more per hour than new graduates in this career. Most employees work a typical workweek during the daytime with weekends off, making it easy to enjoy outside activities. Businesses such as advertising agencies also provide benefits, including insurance packages and vacation time to employees.

List of Graphic Design Programs in Cleveland, Ohio

The Cleveland Institute of Art offers a certificate with classes in traditional and computerized graphic art. Cuyahoga Community College has a campus in Cleveland with low tuition rates, making it possible for students to earn an associate degree in two years. A four year training program is available at Cleveland State University, allowing a student to receive a bachelor’s degree in graphic art. This college also provides specialty areas of study in the field of graphic design along with practical experiences at local businesses for students interested in internships.

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