Healthcare Administration Degree in Boston, MA

healthcare image 1Boston is home to a booming healthcare services industry. Nurses, doctors and administrators all enjoy a great amount of job security and high salaries in the metropolitan area.

If you’ve recently considered a career change because you’re looking for years of job security in the future, you can find many accredited healthcare administration colleges in Boston that will gear you up for gainful employment.

List of Healthcare Administration Degree Schools in Boston, MA

Healthcare Administration Certification in Boston, MA

While there is a great demand for healthcare administrators in Boston, competition among candidates remains fierce. The best way to help yourself stand out from the rest is to obtain healthcare administration certification.

If you plan on going getting a Bachelor’s degree before you start looking for a job, you’ll likely get the training you need to sit for and pass certificate examinations. If don’t plan on getting a degree, you must take a licensing course to help you pass the AAPC exams.

Also known as the American Association of Professional Coders, the AAPC issues licenses and certifications to individuals who have proven to know how to effectively use medical billing and coding procedures. Knowing this information should be used as a base to launch your career in the health services field. If you don’t have the AAPC license, it will be much harder for you to get a job.

Salaries for Healthcare Administration Jobs in Boston, MA

Salaries vary greatly depending on your experience and degree level. If you received a certificate in medical billing and coding, you can expect to receive an entry level salary of $40,000 per year.

Obtaining your Bachelor’s degree will increase your starting salary to $51,000 per year. If you decide to stay in Boston and continue your career as an administrator, executive level employees at major hospitals often enjoy a salary greater than $125,000 annually.

List of Healthcare Administration Programs in Massachusetts

Whether you need an affordable tuition option or are looking for one of the best healthcare administration programs in the country, Massachusetts has it all.

Simmons College- Located in Boston, Simmons College is a top school for individuals looking for a quality education. They currently offer a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Many who graduate from Simmons College go on to attend Harvard.

Harvard University- The Master of Public Health offered by the Harvard School of Public Health is one of the top administration degrees in the country. Those who strive to become administrators in Boston will likely attempt to go to this school.

Newbury College- Located in Brookline, this Newbury offers an affordable Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. This is a great option for Boston residents who want to attend college on a strict budget.

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