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Working with the lifeblood of the human race can mean many things, depending on your tastes. If you’re thinking about entering into a medical profession, phlebotomy may be right up your alley.

List of Phlebotomy Training Schools in Texas

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texas-43Requirements and Eligibility

There is no need to receive the national exam that allows you to get the license in the area of phlebotomy, but it is a really good idea. A certificate or license will also allow you to earn more right off the bat, and your uncertified competition may end up losing out to you in the end if you have this. It’s very difficult to get work in this field without it, so it’s worth investing in.

In Texas, phlebotomy classes include:
blood composition
handling, transporting, processing of specimen and procedures
safety and regulatory applications
knowledge of the circulatory system (IE how the heart pumps the blood around the body)
non-blood specimens
patient privacy
patient care

Often the classes include a classroom portion where the knowledge is learned. Afterwards, a clinical externship or internship is needed.

Application Process and Costs

As with any kind of course, the costs and process of application is different from program to program or school to school.

For example, at the Lone Star College, the phlebotomy course is $1,424 in tuition with a $17 insurance fee. There are 96 hours in the classroom involved in this course. There are 100 hours of clinical experience as well, totaling 196 hours in this course for the degree. It’s a no credit class, and some people may be eligible to take it for free.

The Houston Community College also offers a phlebotomy class. There are a few more hours to this class: 96 in the classroom, 120 in a clinic for hands on experience, and 8 for review for the national exam. For this program, there’s a list of vaccines that must be taken, a high school diploma or GED must be in hand, and a criminal background check must be passed. Prior college enrollment or TSI assessment are also needed.

Texas Southern University is another place to go through phlebotomy training. Applicants must have CPR certification, a hepatitis B vaccination, and have a drug and background check when applying. This program has 96 class room hours and 160 clinical hours for the hands on experience that is gained.

Online Courses

Phlebotomy Services offers a two day long hands on course for $899. One of these days is online. Registering late (IE less than three weeks before the class begins) will add $50 to the fee as a late fee. If three or more people register from the same company or group, they will take $50 off the fee. There are three locations a month and they change each month. However, this service doesn’t work for people looking to work in a hospital in California or Louisiana.

Maintaining and Renewing Your License

A license will be valid for two years after it has been issued. Allowing it to lapse or expire may cause you to lose your job. However, if you want to go into ultrasound tech, nursing, or become a medical assistant, having a phlebotomy license will be great as it offers a great job that pays well while you’re still in school to become certified for the career you want. Staying on top of the license renewal date is crucial to making sure you can keep doing it.

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Salary and Job Postings

In Texas, a phlebotomist earns $31,000. However, more experience, better jobs, and where you work can make this number go up or down. You can work in hospitals or clinics and run blood drives with this license.

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