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There are a number of different physical therapy schools within Louisiana, with some offering online education. However, as physical therapy is often hands-on, seeking out a more comprehensive program can be useful. The experience gained by working with volunteers in a classroom setting can be useful in seeking gainful employment after graduating with a degree and a certification. To find a school that’s worth your time, making sure it has been certified by the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board. Any school that has not cannot provide you with a proper education.

List of Elite Programs in louisiana

Physical Therapy Certification in Louisiana

physical therapy schools image1Physical therapists in Louisiana must pass all of their require curriculum and then seek certification for the Louisiana Physical Therapy Board. This regulatory committee is in charge of ensuring all physical therapists are properly licensed to operate within the state of Louisiana, and all therapists must register with them upon arrival in the state, even if they are licensed to work elsewhere. This committee also approves all physical therapy courses taught in the state of Louisiana.

Salaries for Physical Therapy Jobs in Louisiana

Physical therapists in Louisiana see a median salary of $80,108. However, the highest earning therapists can see as high as $92,406. The amount a therapist earns is largely based on their physical location; those in larger cities like Baton Rouge or New Orleans are going to make a much higher income than those located in more rural parts of the state. Those seeking a higher income should look to move to a more suburban location.

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List of Physical Therapy Programs in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a number of different physical therapy schools, including:

  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – New Orleans
  • Our Lady of the Lake College – Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center – Shreveport
  • Delgado Community College – New Orleans
  • Louisiana College – Pineville
  • Bossier Parish Community College – Bossier City


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