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San Jose students who are interested in working as physical therapists should note that the best way to start making their dream come true is to obtain a high quality education. Thus individuals interested in learning how to become a physical therapist should note that the key is locating the most excellent colleges and schools within the San Jose and surrounding area. With that thought in mind, you can use the information detailed below as a guide to help you find the learning institution that is most appropriate for you:

List of Elite Programs in San Jose

Find Accredited Physical Therapy Schools in San Jose

When you begin the process of attaining your education in the physical therapy sector, it’s important to note that you should attend a school that is accredited. Doing so will be advantageous and ideal for numerous reasons, including the fact that learning institutions that have undergone an accreditation process will typically offer more standardized, excellent educational services. To locate schools within your area, do a simple internet search and then call the learning institutions to schedule a consultation, get tuition quotes, or visit to tour the campus and get a general “feel” for the training program.

Physical Therapy Certification in San Jose

physical therapy image1San Jose, CA residents who wish to work as physical therapists need to obtain credentials from FCCPT or another approved institution such as the ICA, IEC, IERF, or ICD. The student must also pass the California Law Exam and National Physical Therapy Exam. Finally, foreign graduates are required to complete nine months of clinical service approved by the board. This requirement can be waived if the individual practices for nine months or more in another state within the US.

Salaries for Physical Therapy-Related Jobs in San Jose

A physical therapist who resides in San Jose can expect to earn about $120,000 each year. At the same time, a physical therapy assistant will likely bring home $85,000. Factors contributing to the fluctuation of these salaries include years of experience, whether one participates in ongoing training or educational courses, and how long one has been with the employer.

List of Educational Programs in San Jose

There are several educational programs in San Jose, CA that an individual can enroll in. Some of them are:

Ohlone College
Samuel Merritt University
University of California – San Francisco

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