Top Physical Therapy Schools in Washington | WA Physical Therapy Colleges

There are a lot of jobs that one can get with a degree in Physical Therapy, especially in the state of Washington. Below, one can find out all the information they need to know if they are planning on going to school for Physical Therapy in Washington.

List of Elite Programs in Washington

Accredited Physical Therapy Schools in Washington.

If one is planning on going to school in Washington for physical therapy, there are around seven different schools that offer these types of programs and degrees. Below, one can find an up to date list of accredited schools in Washington that offers them.

  • Eastern Washington University
  • Green River Community College
  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  • Olympic College
  • Spokane Falls Community College
  • University of Puget Sound
  • University of Washington

Physical Therapy Certifications Required in Washington

physical therapy schools image1In order to become a physical therapist in the state of Washington, one must first fill out an application and pass a test that is given and monitored by the Washington State Department of Health. Depending on the type of license one is trying to get will determine what sort of stipulations they will have to go through in order to become certified to be a physical therapist in the state of Washington.

Salaries for Physical Therapists in Washington

There are three different jobs that one can do get in the field of physical therapy. Each one requires a different amount of training and their starting salaries also vary. The first job one can get is as a Physical therapist assistant, and their starting salary is a little under $50K a year. A physical therapist makes close to $75K, and a Physical scientist makes just under $90K a year.

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Different Physical Therapist Programs in Washington

The college that one chooses is extremely important. Not all the schools offer all degrees and programs for physical therapists. Below, one will be able to find the different degree plans that are offered and what colleges they can be received from.

  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a pre-physical therapy – Eastern Washington University
  • Associate in Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant – Green River Community College, Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Olympic College, and Spokane Falls Community College
  • Doctor of Physical Therapy – University of Puget Sound and University of Washington


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