Welding Schools in Denver, Colorado

Looking to get involved in an industry that is well versed and always in high demand? It may be wise to consider applying to one of the many accredited welding schools in Denver, CO. Welders are some of the most top-paid trade technicians in the manufacturing and construction industry. In the welding industry, you will do much more than pipe construction and fabrication. Welders are expected to work directly with engineers and to have the ability to dissect and properly interpret complicated blue prints. Whether you’re seeking a welding career in the automotive industry or even in the alternative energy field, there are many different avenues to explore and welding creates an environment with endless job opportunities. Not to mention, many of these job prospects are looking for technicians that are willing to relocate to some of the country’s most desirable locations.

So, if you’re looking for a career with an ever changing dynamic that is not only challenging, but rewarding as well, then this may be the perfect choice for you! Denver, CO, offers some of the best education and certifications for prospective students and there are many employment placement programs that help place students directly into the job market.

zcity-denver-12Requirements & Eligibility

There are minimal requirements need to be eligible for most programs. Many welding education programs require that students have a high school diploma or GED and that they are at least the age of 18. If students are under the age requirements, the school requests that the student provides a form of parental consent. Furthermore, since welding is a strenuous and sometimes dangerous occupation, it is recommended that students remain within a good physical standing prior to, and during, the program.

List of Welding Programs in Denver, CO

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Quick Fact
In 2018, workers with a bachelor's degree or higher had almost twice as much
median earnings per week than workers with only a high school diploma.*
*Bureau of Labor Statistics

Application Process & Cost

The application process for many Denver, CO, welding education programs is an easy and quick process. Many schools require that students take a tour of the campus and meet with an admissions advisor prior applying to the program. Depending on the student’s academic standing prior to applying, they may or may not need to take an admissions exam. This exam usually evaluates if the student will need to take any pre-requisite courses before participating in the core classes of the program.

The average annual tuition of a welding degree in Denver, CO, is $10,100 and many of these institutions offer students financial aid and scholarships.

Online programs

Students have the option to take a variety of courses via the school’s online learning network. These classes usually include blueprint reading, the basics of welding, and the business of welding. Although, the core classes are given in an in-class laboratory setting to ensure that students learn all of the necessary safety precautions and skills needed to properly handle welding equipment.

Maintaining Certification/ License & Renewal

After students have progressed through the welding degree program, students are then given career training and placed in an employment placement program. Once students have identified their desired field and certification they must take an official AWS certification test at an AWS certified facility. Although an AWS certification test is not required for employment, many companies and contractors require that their employees have taken and passed this assessment. It is also recommended that students register with the AWS directory for job searching purposes.

In addition, the state requires that welders keep an updated and valid license throughout their employment and while working on projects. All information on this process can be gathered through the Colorado Department of Labor.

Salary & Job Prospects

Since there is a high demand to certified welders in Denver, CO, the salary for entry-level welders is above the national average at $37,018 with a promising opportunity for increasing their earning potential through experience.

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